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What can I find out by the VIN code of the car?

Identification numbers were created to streamline operations related to cars. First of all, for government agencies that search for violators and collect taxes. The second one is for owners and buyers who want to protect themselves from fraud.

The VIN number of the car is indicated in many documents: vehicle passport (PTS), certificate of registration (STS), purchase and sale agreement, property pledge agreement, court rulings, internal traffic police orders, insurance policies, diagnostic cards, etc. Now work is underway to digitize this information. Many databases already exist in electronic form, the rest are waiting for their turn.

Get a free VIN check with our service 

Already today, you can get a digital certificate of the presence or absence of a car in the database of hijackings, arrests and restrictions on vehicle registration. With loans and collateral, the situation is more complicated — the database exists, but entries are entered into it voluntarily. There are no uniform standards for the rest of the parameters — we have to settle for unofficial services.

Fortunately, work is already underway on combining existing databases, insurance companies, inspection operators, bailiffs, notary services and other institutions. In the future, it is planned to record the most detailed information about the car in the electronic PTS - up to the actual mileage, technical condition at the time of diagnosis and an accident, issued according to the "Euro protocol".