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Stefan Conrady
Managing Partner, Bayesia USA & Singapore
vega hr
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Best Practices for Peer to Peer Recognition

What kind of incentives can you provide? What are the mistakes that you can avoid while implementing it? To anyone reading about this for the first time, these would definitely be some questions in your mind. Here are some healthy practices that can ensure a successful peer to peer recognition culture!
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Power Document Clearning llc
Power attestation services in UAE
Birth certificate attestation
A birth certificate must undergo attestation in order to be used for official reasons, which involves confirming its reliability and validity. The birth certificate is legalised by the authorised person or agency by adding their official seal and signature to it. The possession of your birth certificate is required by UAE law, just like it is in other nations, for a number of key processes, including applications for visas and passports, work permits, education registration, and medical insurance, among others.
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Surbhi Sharma
Ms In Supply Chain Management In Germany
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Myself Surbhi. I am studying Ms In Supply Chain Management In Germany at PFH German University that is Industry Oriented and state-recognized and provides a master's degree in various specialisations:-